Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor live it up in Delhi

8 October 2007 (Sawf News) - Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor hit a night club in Delhi Friday, October 5, for drinking and dancing. When a photog clicked Saif and Kareena hugging they bullied him and deleted the photograph.

Bollywood's newest item arrived Friday in Delhi where Kareena performed at an event. The couple, who were hosted in the city by Sunjay Kapoor, husband of Kareena's sister Karisma Kapoor, had lunch at a five star hotel in the city.

In the evening Sunjay Kapoor took them to a quiet dinner at a private room in China Kitchen.

Following the dinner they were in a mood to party and hit a new nightclub in the capital. They were joined by Amrita Arora and her boyfriend Usman Afzal.

In the VIP lounge of the night club the group popped a bottle of Champagne and began to loosen up. Kareena hit the dance floor and as she cavorted around someone played Yeh mera dil pyaar ka diwana… number from Don which livened her up some more.

At one point Kareena and Saif hugged and an HT photog captured them in his lens. Kareena, who noticed him doing so, walked over and grabbed his camera. Saif and Usman then deleted the pictures and handed back the camera to the hapless photog.

On their way out the imperious Kareena could not help gloating to the photog about their shameful bullying.

"Saare photos delete ho gaye na? Please delete kar dena aur mein next jab Delhi mein hoongi, aapko exclusive pictures doongi," she said in Hinglish.

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