Saif, Kareena searching a new abode

Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor will settle down in 2012 and before that they wanted to book a new apartment for them. They were desperately looking for a new house. Saifeena were spotted checking out some buildings at Turner Road in Bandra, Mumbai.

A source informs, “It was a surprise to see them walking on the road and entering a new construction nearby. Both were extremely casually dressed and in their flip-flops. Kareena had no make up at all.”

“Both visited the building together and wanted to see what was on offer. They were there for a short while and both were seen in a discussion on their way out,” added the source.

After the nuptial, they required some privacy and hence the lovebirds looking for a new address.


Ra.One Sequel Without Actress Kareena Kapoor

Ra.One gets іtѕ sequel аnd іf buzz іѕ tο bе believed, thеn Kareena Kapoor wіll nοt bе a раrt οf іt.

Buzz аlѕο hаѕ іt thаt SRK hаѕ already ongoing working οn thе films sequel аnd thе films scripting wіll ѕtаrt frοm February 2012.

It іѕ heard thаt King Khan іѕ aware οf Kareena’s busy schedule аnd thаt hе wasn’t very рlеаѕеd wіth thе amount οf time ѕhе spent fοr thе promotion οf Ra.One. Hе felt thаt іt wаѕ οnlу ѕіnсе οf thе marketing аnd promotions thаt Ra.One reached such heights.

Hе іѕ now іn search οf аn actress whο саn give quality time, nοt οnlу tο thе mаkіng οf thе film bυt аlѕο promoting thе same.

Buzz аlѕο hаѕ іt thаt thе boss οf thе film, Anubhav Sinha mіght bе replaced wіth someone еlѕе.
Wе wonder whο wіll bе thе nеw Chammak Challo.

Kareena Kapoor is Bollywood's most profitable actress

It is very common to give credits to the male protagonists of Bollywood films when the box-office collection gets multiplied, but it cannot be denied that actresses also play a pivotal role for the success of films. And actress Kareena Kapoor is undeniably one of the best actresses in the industry who had delivered some of the biggest grossing films. Adding another feather to her hat, Kareena Kapoor recently emerged ETC's Most Profitable Actress at the Bollywood Business Awards. With a domestic box office collections of 200 crore plus movies under her belt, Kareena emerged the unquestionable money spinner female actor.

The actress in the year 2011, had two 100 crore plus films -BODYGUARD (141 crore) and RA.ONE and was honored at the Bollywood Business Awards, on pure basis of box office collections.

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On the occasion said Kareena Kapoor, "Receiving an award wherein you are being adjudged considering the economic quotient as a cornerstone for mapping the success gives you a sense of pride. I've always maintained that commercial success is as important as the critical success of a movie. A commercially successful movie pays evidence to the fact that viewers loved watching your movie. Thank you, for appreciating and recognizing my work."

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Standing tall amidst an industry ruled by the leading men, Bollywood's Numero Uno Kareena Kapoor is the first actress to join the much coveted 100 crore club. Having starred in four films that have netted over 100 crore at the domestic box office in less than 2 years, a feat no other Bollywood star has achieved so far, Kareena Kapoor has established herself a force to reckon with. Starting with 3 IDIOTS which earned Rs 170 crore locally, GOLMAAL 3 mopping up Rs 108 crore, followed by the 141 crore grosser BODYGUARD, and the VFX magnum opus RA.ONE.

Says trade analyst, "There is no competition to Kareena Kapoor. Talking about numbers and standings in the industry, she is the entire 1-10 margin. She is the Amitabh Bachchan of her time. There were constant comparisons with her contemporaries but with her recent films she is here to prove that she is her only competition."


Kareena Kapoor Opposite Akshay Kumar In Sequel Of Movie Upon A Time In Mumbaai

Post the success of the film Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai, Balaji was gung ho on making a sequel to the film. The scale of the film got even bigger when they roped in Akshay Kumar to play the lead role of the Mumbai don in the film.

Though much of the initial production was locked, not much was spoken about the leading actress of the film. With names being thrown in by the media, it was confusion galore.

Well now, the dust has settled and Kareena Kapoor has been signed for the film. The Kapoor damsel is all set to play the lead opposite Akshay Kumar in Once Upon A Time in Mumbaai 2.

Kareena has allotted dates for Milan Luthria's OUATIM sequel starting January 20 which will spill over to February and March too.

Katrina, Kangana, Genelia follow Kareena's footsteps!

It seems being spunky is the order of the day; if an actress wants to leave a mark through her role. It all started with Bollywood actress Kareena Kapoor, who with her flawless portrayal of bindass and vivacious Punjabi Kudi in the film JAB WE MET win over hearts of one and all. With Kareena getting accolades across far-flung corners of the world for her act, other Bollywood hotties too gave a try of playing a strong-willed women.

Kareena replaces Aishwarya as highest paid actress

Kareena Kapoor will be reportedly paid Rs 7 crore for Madhur Bhandarkar’s ‘Heroine’ . This project has made Kareena, Bollywood’s highest paid actress. Year 2011 was fabulous for Bebo has she had two big hits under her arms, ‘Bodyguard’ and ‘Ra.One’. Both the film raked in over Rs 100 crore.

Kareena Kapoor was offered ‘Heroine’ twice but due to some reasons, it did not work out. After lots of negotiation, she was settled for the film. After she rejected, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan was signed but Ash later walked out due to her pregnancy.

So far Aishwarya Rai Bachchan was the highest paid actress. She was reportedly paid Rs 6 crore for ‘Robot’ but Kareena walked ahead of Ash by signing ‘Heroine’ for Rs 7 crore.


They are called the Brangelina of Bollywood; like the Hollywood glamour couple, you’d think Saif and Kareena might never really zero in on a date for their marriage. Speculations have been rife about Bebo tying the knot with Saifu ever since they made their relationship official at a fashion event in 2007.

The media even secretly married them off several times in the past two years. A headline screamed, “Saif-Kareena’s secret nikaah!” However, now finally the Kapoor gal and the Khan boy have decided to solemnise their love on paper and declare it to the world.
“We are getting married in Feb or March,” Saif was quoted as saying, last month. The two, who have remained committed to each other since four years, have maintained that marriage would not change much. Says Kareena, “Even now we go on holidays and try and take out as much time as possible for each other.
So this way, I hope I get more time to spend with Saif. Nothing else would change. We both are neck deep in work and it would be the same even post marriage.”

Karisma, Kareena to clash at the box-office

Two Kapoor sisters, Karisma Kapoor and Kareena Kapoor are going to clash at the box-office. Karisma Kapoor is back to work after a long hiatus. Mother of two, Karisma is back with ‘Dangerous Ishq’. Reema Kagti’s ‘Talaash’ is Kareena Kapoor the reining queen of Bollywood’s next release It is expected that the two Kapoor sisters will clash at the box-office. Their film is expected to release at the same time.

‘Talaash’ will hit the theatre on June 1, 2012 and ‘Dangerous Ishq’ is expected to release around the same time. Risk over Karisma is quite high. It is her comeback pad and she needs to be excellent. It’s very important that her film should do well for keeping her Bollywood career running. Kareena is already a hit star. After two back to back hit, audience are looking forward for her next release. Another major factor of ‘Talaash’ is Aamir Khan.

Karisma and Kareena are very close to each other and both appreciated each other at an interview. Obviously, one won’t like to see the downfall of the other.

I am quite secure in my relationship: Kareena Kapoor

Mumbai: Kareena Kapoor doesn't get jealous easily. The actress says she is happy and content in her relationship with beau Saif Ali Khan.

Kareena shared her sentiments in a casual tete-a-tete with her friend and "Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu" producer Karan Johar for "A date with Ek Main aur Ekk Tu" - a show to be simulcast Feb 4 on ETC, Zee TV, Zing, Zee Cafe, Zee Studio, Zee Trendz and Zee Khana Khazana.

Johar asked Kareena - "How do you feel when you see Saif in an intimate scene with another hot actress? Say in 'Race 2', Saif has a bare-body scene with a Deepika in bikini, what would be your first thought?"

To which, Kareena replied: "I'd be like 'Wow! How hot Saif looks'," and added: "I know how he looks bare bodied!"

On a serious note, she said: "I am quite secure in my relationship with Saif and though I don't want to say too much too soon, I am quite content!"

Recently Saif admitted how he thinks Kareena looks best only with him, and not with any of the other Khans of Bollywood that she has worked with.

Saif says Kareena's wax model looks hot

Saif Ali Khan is busy with his upcoming film, ‘Agent Vinod’ and hence couldn’t make to the unveiling of her wax model at Madame Tussauds.  But Bebo has immediately send him the picture of her wax model and Saif commented that she looked hot.  Bebo’s wax statue was dressed in a Manish Malhotra outfit from the song Mauja Hi Mauja track from Jab We Met and it was placed right next to that of Amitabh Bachchan.

She said, "Saif couldn't come as he's busy with Agent Vinod. I sent him the pictures a night before on the phone, and he said 'it looked so hot! Karisma also couldn't be here as she' busy with her film".

It’s a very proud moment for Kareena. Excited Kareena said, "The idea of being immortalised forever is scary. The feeling hasn't sunk in yet. When I looked around the room, I realised I was the youngest person from Bollywood to be waxed. Also I am right next to Mr Bachchan, so what more can one ask for?"

Kareena Kapoor is quite satisfied with the outcome and said that her eyes was very expressive. Bebo adds, "They have done a marvellous of capturing the eyes so well. They are expressive and have that same feel which the song from Jab We Met showcases. I can't comment about my statue, but the fans who travelled miles to come and see it have loved it. They've all told me it looks exactly like me."

Saif's daughter Sara poses for 'Hello' magazine

Saif Ali Khan and Amrita Singh’s daughter Sara posed with her mother for the cover page of ‘Hello’ magazine. Both of them graced the magazine with designer Abu Jani and Sandeep Khosla designer attire.

Sara who has resemble to her mother Amrita looked elegant in cream and gold outfit. It was her first photo shoot and she looked very confident.

Sara 16 aspires to become a doctor or lawyer. “The next two years will be critical for her as she will finally decide on her career,” said Amrita.

Amrita Singh who debuted in films at the age of Sara did not wipe away the possibility of her daughter to take up acting as her career. Amrita feels as acting is in her genes, Sara might take up acting but will decide only when right time comes.

Kareena looks good only with me: Saif

Apart from Saif, Kareena has so far worked with Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan, Aamir Khan and will soon be seen with young Imran Khan in "Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu". After working with Saif in "Tashan" and "Kurbaan", she will be seen with him again in the upcoming "Agent Vinod", set for release March 23.

"Kareena looks good with me and there is no comparison! Apart from me, I don't see anybody (with whom she looks good)," Saif told reporters here on the sidelines of the first poster launch of his production "Agent Vinod".

Kareena, the leading lady of the spy thriller, was missing from the event Wednesday.

Saif explained: "We had to divide to conquer... she will be seen in future promotional activities for the film."

The first poster of the movie features only Saif in it. However, he promises that unlike other action films, the actress has a justified role in his film too.

"Kareena has a very strong role in the film. She has done justice to the role and the role has also done justice to her," Saif said.

The shooting of "Agent Vinod", directed by Sriram Raghavan, took a while. And Saif denies rumours that the delay ensued due to budget hassles.

"The film taking time to complete are the reports given by media. There were lots of rumours that the film is getting delayed, it's getting over the budget... everything was just a rumour. Films take time," he said.

He guarantees that the wait will be worth it, as he said: "The kind of action and locations that we have chosen, I have not seen in much movies. The film must have taken a longer time, but it does not matter as long as the product is interesting."

The film is said to have dollops of action, but Kareena wasn't too comfortable with it.

"She doesn't like doing action, but she is very good at it. She gives pretty intense expressions. As far as I am concerned, I thought it (action) would be fun, but it was very frightening. It's not easy," said Saif.

Besides the unique action sequences, "Agent Vinod" will also have a "different" item song, a 'mujra' picturised on Kareena.

"We thought let's go a different way and try something different in terms of expression. I believe even Dinesh Vijan was pushing for a mujra... we needed to make our item a little bit different," said Saif. 

When Kareena Kapoor watched Sunny Leone's porn videos

It seems that Imran Khan bug has bitten Kareena Kapoor as well, who is unaware of porn star Sunny Leone. Sunny who has created extreme buzz across the nation somehow failed to attract Kareena's attention. But now when Bebo is all aware of Sunny, she too wants to know more about the porn star and her works.

Zee News reports according to a noted film critic and journalist, Bebo learnt about the porn star only after being intrigued by a tabloid and the constant mention of Leone in it. In fact Kareena invited her close friends home to initiate the “know more about Sunny Leone” task! 

It was then, Kareena watched Sunny's porn videos, she realised her works and her adult profession. After following the video for some time, Bebo and her friends logged off as they found it extremely scandalising.

'Kareena is one of the most professional actors we've worked with'

Mostly in spy-thrillers, the women have little to do and show up only to turn on the heat. How is her part defined?

That is a trait in many Bond movies, but again, our film is not Bond.

Kareena comes at a later stage in the film and has a complex character with various nuances attached. This role compliments her very well and she does full justice to her character.

Was she roped in to play the part because this is your home production?

No, she was thought of keeping the story in mind. If that was the case, she would have acted in our first production as well, Love Aaj Kal. It was the right casting decision.

She is a phenomenal and intense actor, and understands all facets of cinema since she has been versatile in her choice of roles.

Sometimes, she knows technicallities better than me -- about the lenses and the lighting. It is interesting to talk to her about such stuff. As a producer, she is one of the most professional actors we have worked with.

'The audience is not bothered about a film's troubled past'

Two years on one project is a long time. Even Raghavan went on to write other screenplays. What was the delay about?

There were lots of rumours from the beginning created by the press itself that the film is going overboard with budget, getting delayed, and re-scheduled. None of it is true. 

Since it is a mega-budget film, it required a lot of detailing right from the locations worldwide to the action sequences. It needed time before the final cut was ready. You don't make films every day. Having said that, whenever a film comes out, I don't think the ticket-paying public is going to be bothered about its troubled past. 

Go on...

We have done car chases and other action stunts in a treatment which I haven't seen before and they are something not very easy to pull off. Yes, we took more time than we initially thought, but in the end we need to be satisfied with our finished product which we very much are.

Why is Kareena Kapoor -- your co-star in the film -- missing from the teaser launch?

We are following 'Divide and Rule' policy, so she will be coming at a later stage. (Laughs)

'I thought the original Agent Vinod was quite hilarious'

What are the similarities between your new film and the Deepak Bahry-directed film Agent Vinod that came out in 1977?

When I saw the 1977 Agent Vinod, I thought it was quite hilarious. There was a gun which fired backwards, killing the shooter itself and other really crazy scenes. And it had an interesting plot.

Our film has nothing really to draw parallels with that one, apart from the title, which Rajshree Productions happily gave to me over a handshake.

I think Vinod is a very universal name. From the elite to the back of an auto-rickshaw, it randomly appears everywhere.

Moreover, India is a very large country with a huge market. We plan to reach out to as many people we can.

Saif all praises for Bebo’s stunts

As reported earlier, Kareena Kapoor will be seen doing various stunts in her upcoming flick ‘Agent Vinod’. And guess who’s very happy with her? Well, he’s none other than Saif Ali Khan. He is all praises for his girlfriend and insists that Kareena is very good in doing stunts in his film.

Kareena wasn’t very keen on doing action or any kind of stunts prior to the film going on floors. However, in due course of time as the film started progressing, Bebo went on with the flow.

“She (Kareena Kapoor) had said she does not like doing action but she is very good at it. She has got pretty intense expression when she does it. She was very very good while doing it,” Saif Ali Khan said.

In Delhi, while shooting for an action sequence, the actress did injure herself quite a few times. Not just her but her beau Saif, was bruised too.

“I thought it (doing action) would be fun but every inch of my body was bruised and coloured in some amazing purple, yellow blotches…I had not seen something like this ever. I have done everything myself which I am excited about,” said the 41-year-old star.

Directed by Sriram Raghavan, Agent Vinod is a spy thriller, set to hit theaters in June, this year.

'We'd love to have a Vinod franchisee if this one makes money'

So he doesn't see a lot of women or indulge in drinks?
He definitely does both, but not in an American way like James Bond. The way Sriram has written him, it is a very rooted, Indian character. 

That said, I am not saying that it is not Bond inspired at all. There is James Bond, there is Jason Bourne and there are even little bits of Tintin.

Having seen the finished product, do you feel you have a killer franchisee in hand?
If we make money and if the film is liked by people, we would love to have a Vinod franchisee.

Saif to replace Salman in 'Judwaa 2'

Saif Ali Khan is going to step into Salman Khan’s shoes for the sequel to ‘Judwaa’ which was a blockbuster of the year 1997. In ‘Judwaa’, Salman Khan played double role. The sequel will be produced by producer Sajid Nadiadwala. Saif Ali Khan has been confirmed for the role.

The film will be directed by Sajid Khan. For a long time, Sajid and Saif were willing to work together and now they have got the right script. ‘Judwaa 2’ will have technical experts from Hollywood. The rest of the cast is yet to be finalized.

Currently, Sajid is busy with the post-production work of his upcoming film ‘Housefull 2’ and busy with the screenplay of his next film with Ajay Devgan.

‘Judwaa’ is not starting anytime soon. The film will go on floors early next year.  David Dhawan directed Saman Khan starrer ‘Judwaa’,. Karisma Kapoor and Rambha played the female leads.

Apsara awards

Apsara awards

The Bollywood brigade graced the Apsara awards held on January 25th 2012 at the Yash Raj studio in Andheri, a western Mumbai suburb.

Kareena Kapoor, who has quite an eventful year ahead of her -- her film Agent Vinod is finally ready to see the light of the day and a wedding may be on cards too -- looked positively radiant in her white gown as she arrived for the show.

HEROINE Kareena joins micro-blogging site

There are very few stars who shy away from social networking sites. Bollywood's heroine no 1 is one of them, who has never felt the urge to share her life on these site. But she is making an exception for Madhur Bhandarkar's movie HEROINE.

The actress is ready to tweet via UTV Motion Pictures' socio-networking account, just for this movie. She will share moments from the shooting of the movie and be up, close and personal with her fans about her character and working experience on the sets of HEROINE.

picture gallery

''Yes, I will be on twitter for the first time as Heroine, my character in UTV Motion Pictures and Madhur Bhandarkar's film. It will be a new experience for me and I'm really looking forward for it. I think I will thoroughly enjoy it. I will be doing so from UTV's Twitter handle utvmp,'' says a very enthusiastic Kareena.

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Kareena has also tweeted about her first video 'On the sets of HEROINE'.

This is not just an important project for Madhur, it is equally important to Kareena and that's why the actress is going out of the way for this movie.

HEROINE is a UTV Motion Pictures and Bhandarkar Entertainment film. Directed by Madhur Bhandarkar, the film stars Kareena Kapoor, Arjun Rampal, Randeep Hooda and Shahana Goswami. The music of the movie is directed by music directors Salim-Sulaiman.

'Copying James Bond would have been foolish'

Since we had this idea, we spoke to a lot of industry directors to gauge their opinion. Many of them had crazy ideas, some whacky, some really comic, some even said that the title Agent Vinod is too silly, that it is not as cool as it should be. But Sriram Raghvan was on the same page with me since the beginning and he wrote the perfect story that would fit a character like Agent Vinod.

Is he like an Indian version of James Bond or maybe, Jason Bourne?

It is an important point which I'd like to clear. It would be very stupid to copy a character like James Bond in a Hindi movie, because he is a very English character in nature. He is a capitalist hero and it makes sense for him as a person when put in the context of Russian communism.

He drinks and is a hardcore womanizer, yet he saves the world. This is not how Vinod is. From the first scene itself, it is established that Vinod is a very Indian hero, very different from the Bond character.

Characters attached to armed forces or are extraordinary fighters have always fascinated the Indian audiences since the days of Mithunda. So we thought we would give a very contemporary, emerging global personality to a character and design the movie around him. Copying Bond would have been foolish.

Kareena moves into tears on 'Heroine' set

Madhur Bhandarkar’s highly anticipated film, ‘Heroine’ started to roll on. Madhur is very happy that he finally got his dream heroine Kareena Kapoor on board. ‘Heroine’ speaks about the journey of a heroine, filled with many ups and downs. Kareena while portraying an intense scene broke into tears. The scene touched her heart.

After Aishwarya walked out of the project due to her pregnancy, Kareena Kapoor stepped in. The director has made few alterations in the film due to Bebo. Some intimate scenes are chopped out and on Kareena's request; Arunoday Singh was replaced by Randeep Hooda.

The shooting of the movie is progressing very well. After a short break, the shooting will resume in January.

Saif: In reel or real life, Kareena pairs best with me

Saif Ali Khan's ambitious spy-thriller Agent Vinod, directed by Sriram Raghavan (Ek Hasina Thi, Johnny Gaddar) has been in production since a while, leading to speculation over the film's delay.

However, producer-actor Khan, at the unveiling of the film's first theatrical trailer, assured the press that it is a meticulously crafted film which couldn't be finished any sooner due to the various foreign locales and never-seen-before action-scenes that required filming.

While the trailer hints on Agent Vinod's character as a hybrid between Bourne, Bond and Hunt, Saif -- while not denying the said similarities -- gives further insights into his pet project, both in the capacity of producer and actor. Ankur Pathak takes notes.

You've been committed to this project for a great deal of time. How's it shaped up?

Agent Vinod is the longest I have worked on a film. I'm glad we have readied a polished product. I hope everyone likes it.

I'm excited about the way we are going to promote the film. It gives me immense happiness to talk about Agent Vinod -- a product we are quite confident of.

Kareena: I will always be ten steps behind Karisma

Just a few days back we broke the news around how Kareena Kapoor and Karisma Kapoor may end up clashing with each other in the Summer of 2012 when their films TALAASH and DANGEROUS ISHQ arrive together. Though it is almost certain that the makers of DANGEROUS ISHQ (Vikram Bhatt) would think rationally and shift the film's release date, for audience in general and Kareena in particular, there is quite some excitement in store, what with Karisma making a comeback.

"This is going to be a great year for the Kapoor sister," says a trade expert, "While Kareena would be rubbing shoulders with Saif Ali Khan and Imran Khan in AGENT VINOD and EK MAIN AUR EKK TU, complete an author backed HEROINE and begin shooting for CHENNAI EXPRESS with Shahrukh Khan, Karisma would be making a comeback with DANGEROUS ISHQ and would then kick-start SATTE PE SATTA remake with Sanjay Dutt There is a lot happening in the Kapoor household and the ladies of the house are busier than ever."


In that case how about a wishful thinking where one sees the most exciting time for Kapoors with her and Karisma fighting it out for the top slot in next couple of years. Now how would that be for the industry and the filmgoers?

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"Well, I don't think that will ever happen," says Kareena with a wide grin. "I will always be ten steps behind Karisma at every stage of my career. I love and respect her beyond films. The day she comes on screen again, she will be the undisputed queen of Hindi cinema," she adds on a parting note.

Aah, now that's some sister speak here!

Saif sworn in as the Nawab of Pataudi

Saif Ali Khan has been crowned the 10th Nawab of Pataudi with a padgi ceremony that took place athis ancestral palace in Pataudi, Haryana. The village head tied turban around Saif’s head and concluded the ceremony. Villagers thronged at the Pataudi palace to watch the padgi ceremony. Saif inherited the title after the demise of his father Nawab Mansur Ali Khan Pataudi.

Saif’s mother Sharmila Tagore, two sisters Saba Ali Khan and Soha Ali Khan graced the occasion. Haryana Chief Minister Bhupinder Singh Hooda was also present.

His sister Saba Ali Khan, patron of the Auqaf-e-Shahi or the body managing informed that he would be sworn as the Nawab of Pataudi once the 40 days of mourning are over.

Saif Ali Khan is my man for life – Kareena Kapoor

New Delhi, ( After a widely publicised break-up with Shahid Kapoor, Kareena Kapoor started dating Saif Ali Khan and she is convinced that he is the man with whom she wants to live the rest of her life.
“One does feel settled in every relationship that one is in, but this time I am with the man I want to live with for the rest of my life,” Kareena told her friend and director Karan Johar on the TV show “Lift Kara De”.
In the episode, to be aired on Sony Saturday, Kareena makes candid confessions about her life and even shows a fun side of herself while making ‘chuski’ (flavoured ice balls) on the show.
Kareena is considered one of the highest paid actress in tinsel town, but she snubbed it saying: “How can I say that when I don’t know what the others are earning? Besides, I would never do a film for the money alone.”
The actress will be seen next in movies like “Milenge Milenge”, “Ra.One” and Hindi remake of Hollywood film “Stepmom”.

Kareena Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan continue to behave like a couple

Adding some more fodder to the ongoing talk of a growing relationship between them, chote nawab Saif Ali Khan and gorgeous Kareena Kapoor were seen hugging and complimenting each other on the Saturday night in the VIP lounge of a Chinese restaurant.

After a long discussion, they walked in together hand-in-hand and like most celebrity couples, they seemed to be extremely comfortable with each other, say onlookers.

A guest present at the restaurant says they were behaving like a couple. They were lost in some discussion and were completely oblivious about their surroundings and onlookers.
Once at their table, the duo that was accompanied by friends Dino Morea and Amrita Arora, sat very close to each other.

Saif kept hugging her throughout the evening, and they left together. A restaurant staff informs, Kareena seemed to be distressed and Saif was consoling her. He was often complimenting and hugging her. Their friends also took care to give them the much-needed privacy.

Kareena and Saif, were dressed in casual tees and denims, and were engaged in a conversation with the occasional remark, ‘Yeah, you are right!’ meant for the rest seated with them at the table. Kareena and Saif got along well on the sets of Tashan and ever since they have spending a lot of time with each other.

A source close to Kareena says, Kareena and Saif are extremely fond of each other and are spending a lot of time together. She has also been vocal about Saif’s good nature quite a few times.

Saif and Bebo looks every inch a couple who want to spend as much time with each other as possible and do not care for the presence of others and does not deter from showing affection for each other in public.

Kareena Kapoor rocks in first trailer of Madhur's Heroine

Actress Kareena Kapoor, who is basking on the success of Ra.One and Bodyguard, is rocking in the first trailer of Madhur Bhandarkar's upcoming movieHeroine and she is sure to walk away with the Best Actress award for her performance in the film, say those who watched the movie trailer at the UTV trade event Dhishum Dhishum 2012.

On Wednesday, the UTV had organised a trade event called 'Dhishum Dhishum 2012', where it showcased the video of their slate of films for 2012. The 20 minute Audio Visual included clips of UTV's most-awaited films like Heroine, Barfi, Rowdy Rathore and Luv Shuv Tey Chicken Khurana.

However, clips from various movies were shown at the 20 minute Audio Visual and the most interesting one was Madhur Bhandarkar's much-hyped movieHeroine, which deals with the rise and fall of a film star. Although the movie is somewhat similar to The Dirty Picture, Kareena Kapoor has very tough and befitting role to her image.

First look of 'Agent Vinod' released

Saif Ali Khan’s next production ‘Agent Vinod’ is slated for 23rd March release and the first look of the film is released. The poster looks very stylish with Saif showing his back and holding a gun in his hand. In the film, he plays a spy. Kareena is playing his ladylove and she will be seen doing lots of stunts.

Saif is producing the film under his banner Illuminati Films. The first trailer of the movie will be released with Hrithik Roshan starrer ‘Agneepath’ which is slated for January 26 release. The film has been directed by Sriram Raghavan.

According to Raghavan, the film is "the story of a spy [...] It is a realistic film and not a spoof or comic James Bond. It is full of action pieces, thrills, and characters." The music of the film has been scored by Pritam. Saif Ali Khan will be seen as Agent Vinod and Kareena Kapoor as Iram.

Confirmed: Saif, Kareena to tie the knot in April

2012 will see a royal Bollywood wedding of Nawab of Pataudi and actor Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor. The duo has already started planning for the big day. They are waiting for ‘Agent Vinod’ to hit the silver screen on 23rd March. The highly awaited royal wedding will take place anytime around April.

a source said, “‘Agent Vinod’ is Saif Ali Khan’s first production venture. So Kareena and Saif were waiting to complete the shooting for this film and now shoot is over and the couple has left for their holidays. After coming from holidays they have planned promotional work and soon after March 23 they will tie the knot in the first week of April and then Saif-Kareena will go for their honeymoon.”

Apparently, April is confirmed but the exact marriage day is yet to be revealed. “Kareena doesn’t want it to make delay anymore. She even started for planning for her big day,” added the source.

Well, we wish Saifeena a happy wedding in advance.

Delay in Heroine Movie Due to Saif-Kareena Wedding?

His first Heroine (Ash) was expecting a baby and had to go on maternity leave, temporarily halting the shoot of the film. And now Madhur Bhandarkar’s lead actress is getting married, which again alters the plans for his ambitious project. Mumbai Mirror has learnt that even before the current schedule of Heroine can end, the second leg of the shoot has been rescheduled as Kareena is to wed her beau Saif Ali Khan around the same time. A friend of the director revealed to us that the second schedule, initially slated to start from the end of January, has been pushed ahead to the middle of February.

The film’s producer Siddharth Roy Kapoor of UTV, who had announced last week that the next schedule of Heroine was to commence “from the end of February to April-May” and then later stated the change in the filming dates, refrained from divulging any further details. When contacted, Bhandarkar also confirmed the change in schedule, saying, “Yes, the second schedule of Heroine will now start in the middle of February instead of the end of January.”

Bhandarkar’s friend explained, “The idea is to complete the second schedule by the middle of March instead of the end of April, so that Kareena can attend to her wedding and personal life in March and April before she returns to work in May.”

According to the director’s friend, Kareena was reluctant to take a break in the middle of the schedule for her wedding. “There is a reason why this decision has been taken. The plan is to complete the schedule, so that Kareena’s performance remains consistent and doesn’t lose the intensity the role demands amidst her wedding plans. This way she gets to enjoy her wedding and honeymoon, before resuming work,” added Bhandarkar’s friend.

'We are quite confident of Agent Vinod'

Your partner Kareena Kapoor has worked with all the Khans in the industry -- Aamir, Shah Rukh and Salman. Who do you think she pairs the best with?

In reel or real life, I have to say she pairs the best with me and I wouldn't even think of anyone else in my place. 

Movies that are made today are getting promoted endlessly for months.Agent Vinod is just a month away from release and you guys have just started. Were you afraid of overkill?

It depends on a number of reasons. Overkill is surely one of them. But also what happens when you stretch the film too much with promotions and the release is relatively far, people start imagining their own film, and later if it doesn't turn out that way, they are disappointed. 

Timing is really important. We didn't want to go into that territory. And two months is a lot of time for promotions. 

Kareena Kapoor doing a mujra in Saif's Agent Vinod

Actress Kareena Kapoor may not be a trained Kathak dancer, but she underwent vigorous training to be perfect for doing a mujra, which is an elaborate dance form developed in medieval era, in the upcoming movie Agent Vinod, says her beau Saif Ali Khan. The film, which is directed by Sriram Raghavan, will finally release on March 23. 

Talking about Kareena Kapoor's role, Saif Ali Khan told PTI, "There is a very strong role for the girl's character. The presentation and treatment of it is something different. She does justice to the role and the role does justice to her. She is very good in the film." 

The Bollywood actor-cum-producer added, "We have a classic 'mujra' which we haven't seen in a long time. It is again a decision that we took after a lot of thinking; should we do an item, should we get another big star and do something really hot. But most Hindi films today have hot songs. Hot in terms of outfits they are wearing and the presentation of the camera." 

Saif Ali Khan further revealed, "So we thought we will go in a slightly different way and try and make it different in terms of music, expression. I believe Dinesh Vijan (co-producer) was also pushing for mujra than a raunchy kind of item song. We need to make our item a little different, so we did this."

Kareena or Katrina, who will bag KJo-Ekta's next?

As per earlier reports, producer Karan Johar and Ekta Kapoor have teamed up to make a love story with a twist. Ekta said, 'The film is an urban take on love - it is quirky, edgy, dramatic and intense.' They also made an announcement that the casting will be made in few days.

Being among the top filmmakers, the duo wants to cast top actress as their leading lady. Apparently, there are some hindrances due to the differences in opinion between them. While KJo prefers casting Kareena Kapoor, Ekta thinks Katrina Kaif is best suited for the role.


It is obvious that Bebo is Karan's first choice as they have worked together in KABHIE KHUSHI KABHIE GHAM, KURBAAN, WE ARE FAMILY and now EK MAIN AUR EKK TU. Other than this, they have also been good friends.

On the contrary, Ekta has signed Kareena for ONCE UPON A TIME IN MUMBAAI 2 and hence wants to see Katrina as her leading lady for the film. Seems, Ekta doesn't want to be emotional unlike Karan.

Anyways, only time will say who'll bag the role - Kareena Kapoor or Katrina Kaif.

Kareena Kapoor sheds feminine image for Saif Ali Khan's Agent Vinod

Bollywood actress Kareena Kapoor has always maintained that she loves romantic and glamorous roles but she has apparently shed her feminine image and done some real action sequences for upcoming film 'Agent Vinod', produced by her beau Saif Ali Khan. Saif, the central character in the spy thriller, said that his leading lady was initially hesitant in doing stunts but later agreed and she has done a commendable job. 

Since 'Agent Vinod' is an action flick, stunts are bound to be an integral part of it. Even the promos show hard core action and chasing sequences of car and bikes. "She (Kareena) had said she does not like doing action but she is very good at it. She has got pretty intense expression when she does it. She was very very good while doing it (stunts)," Saif maintained.

Last year, Kareena had injured herself while shooting in New Delhi for a high-octane stunt sequence for the film. Interestingly, even Saif had a tough time doing action and ended hurting himself quite often. "As far as me doing action, I thought it would be fun but every inch of my body was bruised and coloured in some amazing purple, yellow blotches...I had not seen something like this ever. I have done everything myself which I am excited about," the National Award winning actor said. 

"In love stories you need proper timing, I thought action would be easy, but it is is physically very demanding," the 41-year-old actor stated. Usually, in spy thrillers heroines are often used as a prop and do not have proper characters, but Saif insists his leading lady has a strong role.

Kareena, Saif to announce marriage after Agent Vinod release

Amidst constant rumours of her marriage with beau Saif Ali Khan, actress Kareena Kapoor has revealed that she would make an announcement about wedding only after the release of their upcoming filmAgent Vinod. The action thriller film, directed by Sriram Raghavan, is scheduled to release in 2012, but no exact date has been finalised as yet. According to media reports, the marriage is likely to take place between February-March next year. 

The actress was present at the first look launch of Karan Johar's Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu in Mumbai yesterday. When quizzed over her marriage, Kareena said, "Both Saif and me are waiting forAgent Vinod to release. Once it releases, we will announce the marriage." 

Meanwhile, Karan Johar mocked the constant marriage buzz by saying, "I am tying the knot with Kareena for the entire month of February. She would be there for pre- and post-promotions of Ek Main Aur Ek Tu." 

However, UTV Motion Pictures is producing Kareena Kapoor's two upcoming films Ek Main Aur Ek Tuand Heroine. Talking about the movies, CEO of UTV, Siddharth Roy Kapoor said that the actress would be shooting with them in March for Heroine.

Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor to break up?

New Delhi: Actor Saif Ali Khan has denied reports that he and his girlfriend Kareena Kapoor are going through a rough patch, saying they are happy together.
Apparently, there were rumours that the couple have been fighting too much off late. Initially, it was about them being too busy with work and not spending enough time together. Kareena has about four releases this year, she has shoots lined up with Aamir, Shahrukh and Salman Khan. To add to it she has a couple of endorsement deals to keep as well. While Saif is busy with his home production, Agent Vinod, Prakash Jha's Aarakshan and Cocktail.
The other issue is Bebo's spending ways. Rumours are that the couple have been arguing over finances, while Saif doesn't mind splurging on his girlfriend but her family holidays are a matter of concern. Good news is that apparently, Kareena recently went to London not just for her waxwork but also to spend time with Saif and to resolve the issues.

But Saif denies all the rumours and states that all is bliss in paradise.
"I would like to reassure our fans and well-wishers that all is well with Kareena and I...we are working hard but we always make time for each other. All these rumours are disturbing and untrue...especially when families are brought into it in such bad taste. I wouldn't like to say anymore except we are very happy together," Saif, 40, said in a press statement.
Saif and Kareena, 30, who are considered one of the hottest couples in Bollywood, are seeing each other for the past four years. And they even featured together in films like Tashan and Kurbaan.
"The news has deeply disturbed both the couple and their respective families. They have always been open about their relationship and are alarmed with these rumors planted by people with vested interests," said a source.

Are Saif and Kareena engaged?

The grapevine is abuzz with the news that Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor are engaged ever since a huge rock was seen on Kareena"s engagement finger. But sources close to the lovebirds said that it"s just another rumour.

“Both of them have had it up to here with these constant marriage and engagement stories; especially this news report on how Kareena preferred to get engaged rather than get married. Honestly, it is the same newspaper that a while ago carried the story that Saif and Kareena were married. If the marriage story is true, then the engagement one is false. Neither of the stories were substantiated," The Times Of India quoted a source close to the actors as saying.

It is said that the ring that Kareena is wearing on her engagement ring was given gifted by Saif when their relationship was at a budding stage. “Saif gifts Kareena jewellery quite often. Everytime he gifts her a diamond or an emerald, it doesn't really qualify as an engagement or pre-wedding gift," the source added.

Rubbishing the news of their engagement, spokesperson of the couple said that they are not engaged. He added that they are not in the mood to talk of engagement or marriage.

Well, we hope the engagement rumour will die down as the spokesperson of the couple has declared loud and clear that they don"t have marriage plan anytime soon!

'SRK, Salman and Aamir are very big actors compared to me'

What sort of preparation did you do to plausibly portray an action hero in a spy thriller?
All sorts of things and they were pretty tiring. They sent me to Vietnam to learn a particular form of martial arts, and then there were driving lessons and training on riding the motorcycle. Thank god there weren't any dance classes!

Shah Rukh has made his most ambitious film Ra.One, Salman has been doing what he does best with DabanggReadyBodyguard. Even Aamir is on a great swing. Is Agent Vinod your biggest film yet?

They are very big actors compared to me and I wouldn't want to compare myself with any of them. I think if you have been in the industry for a long time, you should realise your dreams in some way or the other. 

I have just done the same thing through my own production house. It doesn't matter to me what others are doing.

'Kareena is not too fond of doing action'

You look in your comfort zone when you are doing action scenes. Can the same be said about Kareena Kapoor?

Well, she pulls off the scenes pretty well but she does tell me that she isn't too fond of doing action. She has this very intense expression on her face while she does it. 

As far as I am concerned, I thought it would be a lot of fun, but let me assure you, it was brutal and painful. I had multi-coloured bruises all over my body at the end of every day at the shoot. I did the stunts myself and it was very frightening but then you have to earn your bread, no? It is not easy. If romantic comedies are about the right timings, action is even more demanding. 

Any incident that involved Kareena?

We were shooting this intense chase sequence that ended up in combat in a parking lot where a lot of gunfire had to be there. Kareena came up to me and said, let's shoot the scene but do away with the guns. I was perplexed. 

She said she didn't want to hear the gunshots, and that it should be handled in post-production. I was like, "Somebody please talk to the heroine."

Priyanka hug Kareena at an event

Priyanka Chopra and Kareena Kapoor’s cold war is not hidden to anyone.  But in a recent event, Priyanka Chopra made the first move, went to Kareena who was sitting a distance apart and gave her a warm hug.

Priyanka and Bebo actually was not on good terms due to Piggy Chops on and off relationship with Kareena’s ex-flame Shahid Kapoor. Says an onlooker, "As soon as she saw Kareena seated, Priyanka walked up to her and bent over her to give her a warm hug. Bebo reciprocated. For a few moments they exchanged niceties and PC went back to her seat."

Adds the onlooker, "Everyone was taken by surprise by PC's move." Last year, at the annual police mela PC took the initiative and went up to Kareena and said let’s forget what has happened and begin anew. They also danced together with SRK.

Saif Ali Khan, Kareena Kapoor's hunt for new love nest begins

Saif Ali Khan and girlfriend Kareena Kapoor took everyone by shock when they were spotted hand in hand on the streets of Bandra with the purpose of their new abode hunt. Apparently it looks like the couple wants to shift to a new house after their marriage.

An onlooker informed Mid Day, "It was a surprise to see them walking on the road and entering a new construction nearby. Both were extremely casually dressed and in their flip-flops. Kareena had no make up at all." Adds the onlooker, "Both visited the building together and wanted to see what was on offer. They were there for a short while and both were seen in a discussion on their way out."

Last year there was buzz that Saif wanted to move from his present address in Bandra as a lot of high-rises were coming up in the vicinity and his abode was fast losing privacy. In fact the builders of the new constructions were selling their properties stating that it would offer a bird's eye view of the stars.

Reportedly, Saif and Kareena would get married on March 2012 and might shift to a new place after that. 

Kareena & Saif

The hot and happening Saif-Kareena pair have been drawing a lot of media attention with their Public Displays of Affection. But, is this a hook up that is meant to last for a long time? Read on to find out what Astroyogi predicts!

Kareena is a Virgo as her date of birth is 21st September 1980. According to her horoscope romance has a different meaning in her life. She will tend to look for a partner who is equally intelligent. She will always keep her man guessing as she is not as demonstrative as other women. She will always demand perfection and will be easily disappointed.

Saif, born in 16th August 1970, is a Leo and is the exact opposite of Kareena. He will be very demonstrative with his feelings and would love to wine and dine his woman and shower her with expensive gifts. He would always crave to be the centre of attention at public gatherings. In order to make this relationship successful he has to treat her as his equal.

There are good chances of this relationship being a success. According to her horoscope Kareena will have the tendency to be very critical. Saif should overlook this tendency of hers and should respect her clever and alert mentality. If Kareena has no problems with Saif hogging the limelight and taking the central position in their family circle and refrain from being too critical about it there will be no barriers to their relationship. As a Leo Saif will have the tendency to have the last word and prove him right always and this may irk Kareena and cause problems. In this type of partnership it is best when Leo leads and Virgo follows. A little space and mutual respect is all that is needed to make this relationship a success.

Kareena Kapoor Vs. Priyanka Chopra: The History of Their Rivalry

Kareena Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra are reported to have embarked on a new journey of rivalry with regard to Madhur Bhandarkar's controversy ridden project 'Heroine', which was shelved after reports of Aishwarya Rai's pregnancy came around.
Though the two have been known as the most bitter rivals of Bollywood since years, there isn't one reason that gave rise to the animosity between them. MensXP tries to look at the history of their rivalry which seems to have peaked at the moment.
The first time Kareena and Priyanka worked together, was in the film 'Aitraaz'. The two hit it off instantly and became the best of buddies displaying their fondness for each other. Post the release of the film too, they were on great terms with each other, praising one another in public.

It was only after the two ladies got busy with their career that differences started coming in between them. In a scramble to reach the top, the two actresses gave their friendship a dump and professional rivalry got the better of their personal equation.
After rumors of the two actresses being involved in a catfight kept growing but the actresses maintained that they had simply been out of touch with each other. They made a joint appearance in the finale of the first season of 'Kaun Banega Crorepati' with Shah Rukh Khan as the host. It was the first time the actresses had come together after their brief interaction in the film 'Don'.
With time the rumors started growing again, and, the actresses, influenced by the rumors, had their own thing to say. In December 2007, Kareena took a dig at Priyanka by stating that she did not consider any of her contemporaries to be 'actresses' except Rani Mukherjee. Priyanka made a dignified response to it by saying, "Bebo is a more senior and hopefully more mature actress than me. I guess she's qualified to comment on my calibre," and also praised Kareena's performance in 'Jab We Met'.

Kareena, once again, ridiculed Priyanka Chopra on the show 'Koffee With Karan'. Kareena seemed to think of Priyanka's acccent as unnatural asking where she got it from. Priyanka, who appeared with Kareena's ex-boyfriend and her on/off lover, appeared to be in no mood to let it go and retorted back saying that she got it from the same place as her boyfriend (Saif) did.

Another time the two actresses showed signs of a patch up was during an event for the Mumbai Police. During her performance, Priyanka got Shah Rukh Khan, Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor on the stage to jive along with her. It was apparent that the two actresses wanted to bury the hatchet.
What is more interesting, is the face that both actress dated Shahid Kapoor and share a very close bond with Shah Rukh Khan. After Kareena and Shahid broke-up, Shahid found comfort in Priyanka, who had also broken up with Harman Baweja recently. Their relationship, however, was not as open as when shahid was dating Kareena. Priyanka and Shahid, reportedly, have broken up too and the two actresses seem to have one reason less to fight for.

With the competition between them touching new heights, we only wonder where this will take the two. Whether Kareena and Priyanka decide to revive their friendship or let the bitter rivalry take over them can only be revealed with time. Till then all we can do is wait for more gossip to pour in.

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